The Golf Managers Association of New Zealand (GMANZ), in conjunction with Golf Management of Australia (GMA) and the support of NZ Golf, is proud to deliver to the New Zealand golf club community a world class benchmarking tool.

This tool has been developed and adopted for the New Zealand market by GMA and Club Benchmarking USA, an industry leader in the USA providing benchmarking information to over 3500 of its golf clubs.

Golf Club Benchmarking is business intelligence developed specifically for the golf industry. Golf Club Benchmarking allows Managers to elevate fact over opinion and will ensure that general managers and boards are properly equipped to focus on strategic issues.

In developing this tool, GMANZ has sought feedback from GMA and NZ Golf to ensure that Club Benchmarking becomes the primary benchmarking tool for the New Zealand golf club industry.


 GMANZ Member Club Access

GMANZ Members who have registered their interest in Club Benchmarking and signed a Memorandum of Understanding will receive an email that outlines their club?s login details to the Club Benchmarking website.

Not registered yet? Send your request for the Club Benchmarking Memorandum of Understanding paperwork to

Cost $250.00 + GST per annum

 Non GMANZ Member Club Access

Any golf club that does not have GMANZ membership is able to enter its information into the benchmarking tool and compare its results to all clubs across New Zealand email

Cost $500.00 + GST

 Note that by becoming a GMANZ Member and then subscribing to the deeper analysis tool, much more powerful data can be unlocked.

Check out the Benchmarking website

Interested in becoming a member of the Golf Managers Association of New Zealand click on the application for membership link:


The Power of Information

 Golf Club Benchmarking gives you 24/7 online access to credible "apples-to-apples? data; key performance indicators and reports for every area of your golf club; and powerful filtering tools that let you control the comparison sets.

Whether you are working on strategic planning, budgeting or analysing your clubs strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as part of your regular routine, Golf Club Benchmarking will give you the facts you need, when you need them, so you can lead your club with confidence.

Golf Club Benchmarking sheds light on issues that can make or break a golf club

Golf Club Benchmarking enables clubs to assess their financial and operational performance in minutes. With this online benchmarking tool, you will be able to benchmark your golf club against other golf clubs in New Zealand according to key metrics, such as revenue, subscription revenue, fee structures, operational costs and more. Comparisons can be made more focused by using industry filters, such as golf club type, golf club size, rounds played and location.

You can also produce reports in Excel and charts in PowerPoint or PDF to share the comparisons with your Board and staff. Armed with this data, you can improve your clubs profitability, discover ways to reduce costs, and grow your business.

If you have any questions about the benchmarking tool please contact


GMANZ Gratefully Acknowledge the support of NZGolf
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