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The following links provide access to library material covering a broad variety of useful information. All the material listed has been produced by managers across our network and made available in the hope it may assist with the running of your club. All managers are invited to use the information as required. Managers are also invited to provide any further information you feel may assist your fellow managers in the running of their clubs.

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NZ Golf  Survey

NZGolf is pleased to share the results of the latest club survey.

This document which NZ Golf intends to reproduce each year  is for the information of the golf industry. Any feedback is appreciated and we would ask that managers  all compete it to ensure that the information collected and shared is as accurate as possible and is useful for all GMANZ members.  

Club Governance - Successfully Dealing With Your Board

Norm Spitzig, MCM Principal & Senior Partner, Master Club Advisors

Presentation Overview:

  • The evolution of Clubs.
  • Six Reasons Why Managers Fail ? What Boards and Owners Tell Master Club Advisors.
  • Core Responsibilities of Club Boards / Club Owners.
  • Responsibilities Typically Shared by the Club Leadership Team
  • The Activity / Decision Chart of Responsibility
  • Bringing it all together - Strengthening the Board /
  • Manager Relationship for Long Term Success

The Golf Manager - Leader, Coach & Facilitator

Norm Spitzig, MCM Principal & Senior Partner, Master Club Advisors

Presentation Overview:

  • The Evolution of the Manager?s Role
  • What Club Boards / Owners Really Want from
  • their Managers
  • What Makes a Good Club a Great Club
  • A Look into the Future - What it Will Take for
  • Continuing Managerial Success

Eating The Family Silver

Presented by David Laurenson Merchant Banker and former Manager Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club.

  • Operating cash flow.
  • Performance after depreciation.
  • Working Capital position.
  • Long term debt position.
  • Conclusions.
  • Recommendations.


Marketing your Club with little or no budget

What is marketing?

Presented by Mike Orloff Golf Operations Specialist Golf Industry Central

Presentation Topics:
  •  Revenue streams
  • Unique selling points (USP)
  • Media opportunities
  • Internet -The free stuff
  • Member connect
  • Internal marketing
  • Q/A ?(ideas from audience)

Membership Growth & Rentention

How to get them in the door and keep them.
Presented by Mike Orloff Golf Operations Specialist Golf Industry Central

Presentation Topics
  • The times they are a-changin
  • The Club is a home away from home
  • Management's role in the process
  • How to get more Members
  • How to keep Members longer
  • Q/A

New Zealand Sports Turf Industry Strategic Traing Plan

Golf Course Management In the UK

By Megan Cushnahan, Regional Manager - Agronomy, New Zealand Sports Turf Institute

Budget Forcasting Model

A budget doesn't have to be a restrictive plan that forces you to deprive yourself of what you want. In fact, a budget should be a guide, not a constraint. A reasonable budget allows you to do what you want. It allows you to use your resources where they're most needed, so your business will head in the right direction. Creating a financial plan lets you control your business's cash flow instead of it controlling you. This budget guide can be used to assit with your annual budget planning.


CashFlow Forcast

This sample Cashflow Forecast deals with cash and takes into account the opening and closing cash position of bank accounts and timing of revenue and expenditure including capex items in cash

Meeting Procedure Guidelines

These notes, whilst not exhaustive, are designed to help the smooth running of your club?s meetings, whether they be committee meetings, Annual General Meetings (AGMs), or Special General Meetings (SGMs).

Because there is always someone who knows (or thinks he/she knows) all about meeting procedure, it helps to be fully prepared. It is designed for easy understanding for Secretaries, Chairpersons, and indeed, interested club members. The guide is exactly that, and should be read keeping your club?s rules or constitution in mind.


Staff Procedure Manual

For new employees this manual will act as an introduction of the Club and give information about the various benefits and policies, which apply to an employee. For those who have been with the club for a time, the manual contains the current status of benefits and policies.

In this example the benefits and policies have been introduced recently as a result of our constant effort to improve the conditions of employment of all employees.


Optimising the Use of Fungicides

When using fungicides, Turf Managers sometimes find that the pesticide either does not work or the duration/level of control fails to meet their expectation.

Typically either the product is blamed or resistance suspected. The reality is that these poor results are more

likely due to:

  • Spraying process.
  • Environmental conditions at the time of and following application.
  • Management practises.

Produced by the NZ Sports Turf Instute this paper will assist managers gain an understanding of the issues related to funggicide control.



Sustainability is a term that is often heard nowadays in relation to virtually all industries and activities. The following Fact Sheet looks at what Sustainability means for Golf Clubs.


Health & Saftey In The Work Place Management Plan

The Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 places responsibility on both employers and employees to ensure that the workplace is safe, and that only safe practices occur there. The Act also sets out penalties for people who cause accidents.

The following paper overviews the definitions, objectives and responsibilities of the club


2009 Recession Tool Box

 This document is a shortlist of initiatives which are suggested be undertaken by managers in a recessed economy. The list is not intended to be exhaustive but is a general guide of some action steps which can be taken without an onerous amount of effort to reduce the expense line without drastic steps such as staff redundancies.

The current list was published in 2009 during worldwide economic fallout from the financial market meltdown.

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