Library - Library Submissions

The library section of the GMANZ web site is a new inovation where members can access reference material supplied by your fellow managers.  All manner of useful operational documents typically used in golf club management are available.

Initally the library has been populated with material from the GMANZ archives. Its ongoing success however depends on further contributions being made so that we may add the material which is available through this inital release.

Regardles of the content the board of the GMANZ encourages all members to submit material that may be used in the ongoing develepoment of this concept.

To submit a paper, financial report, board presentation or any other material you feel could be of assistance to you fellow managers simply follow these instructions and click on the email link to send your submission.

  1. Click on the "@" email link to open email. 
  2. Write a 30 to 50 word overview of your submission
  3. Attach the file you wish to submitt and press send.

GMANZ Gratefully Acknowledge the support of NZGolf
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