Competencies in Professional Club Management

Management to Leadership is a model for club management which was adopted by the CMAA in 2004. It is based on the theory that the club General Manager is responsible for three major areas; Operations; Assets / Investments and Club Culture. This is more accurately expressed today as the GM being the professional responsible for the multiple facets of club operations and the wide range of aspects relating to this.

The foundation of the model is defined as the core competencies of a GM being:

The second tier of the model involves mastering the skills of Asset and Investment Management. Today's GM must be able to manage the physical property - the club's major investment, the club's financial well-being and the human resource.

Tier Three relates to managing the preservation and fostering of the Club Culture. This encompasses steering the future vision and direction while caring for the history and traditions of the club. Many managers intrinsically perform this function, however it is often an overlooked and underdeveloped quality.

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